GIS and Spatial Analysis for the Social Sciences Coding, Mapping, and Modeling

A Robert Nash Parker and Emily K. Asencio are the authors of GIS and Spatial Analysis for the Social Sciences Coding, Mapping, and Modeling

This is the first book to provide sociologists, criminologists, political scientists, and other social scientists with the methodological logic and techniques for doing spatial analysis in their chosen fields of inquiry. The book contains a wealth of examples as to why these techniques are worth doing, over and above conventional statistical techniques using SPSS or other statistical packages. GIS is a methodological and conceptual approach that allows for the linking together of spatial data, or data that is based on a physical space, with non-spatial data, which can be thought of as any data that contains no direct reference to physical locations.

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      Treating the Juvenile Offender

Editors: Robert D Hoge, Nancy G. Guerra, and Paul Boxer

This recently published book, Treating the Juvenile Offender is edited by Robert D Hoge, Nancy G. Guerra, and Paul Boxer.

The book begins by examining patterns in youth crime, introducing contemporary models of offending, and discussing the role of assessment in planning treatments that work. Contributors then delve into the nuts and bolts of program design and implementation, offering best-practice recommendations for diverse settings. Described are proven approaches for building the behavioral, social, and emotional competencies of at-risk adolescents; strengthening their family and community resources; and targeting other risk factors for offending and recidivism. Ways to understand and meet the needs of special populations are explored, with chapters on violent offenders; gang members; sexual offenders; youth with mental health, substance abuse, educational, and learning problems; and female offenders. Several chapters include step-by-step guidelines for assessment and treatment. Salient policy issues and strategies for overcoming barriers to effective programming are also reviewed. Read more.

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Preventing Youth Violence in a Multicultural Society